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How the Hip Dysplasia Grading works

FB_IMG_1446546381106FCI Grading Scheme

Description of grading applicable to dogs aged more than eighteen months, provided positioning is correct and radiographic quality is normal.

The radiographic results of Rottweiler’s hips is one of the most important factors when breeding Rottweilers. KUSA Registered Rottweilers are all tested – this is compulsory and no puppies will be registered without the Sire and the Dam fulfilling the standard. Basically, if you look at the OLD RSA Grade, the total of the Sire and the Dam’s hip scores may not add up to more than one – in other words, a male with a zero hip may be used on a female with a one hip – but if both have scores of one they may not be used together. Dogs with scores of more than one are not used for breeding at all.

The X-Rays of the hips are certified by Prof Kirberger at Onderstepoort – and he is one of only two authorities in SA.  There are vets in SA that do the x-ray, but they are not authorised to pass or fail a dog – The X-Rays have to be sent to Prof Kirberger for Certification. It is a sad fact that there are quite a few vets who tell the public that their dog has hip displasia – In my experience this is always a misdiagnosis – and I am referring only to KUSA Registered Rottweilers! If your dog is KUSA Registered, the chances of this happening are truly negligible – The Rottweiler Breed Council of SA has done outstanding work in stamping out hip displasia in SA.

The X-Raying of elbows is not compulsory yet – but all De Liemers Rottweilers’ elbows are X-Rayed and the same standards apply.

So I know it looks kind of complicated at first glance – but it is actually quite easy – the total of the hip scores of the two dogs being considered can not be more than 1 – in other words a 0-0 dog can be put with another 0-0 dog – and a 1-1 dog can only be put with a 0-0 dog, never a 1-1 dog because then the total will be 2 which is a no go!

And dogs have two hips and two elbows – so you will get a result indicating both sides – if they are different, then as long the total of each side is still only 1 then those dogs can be put together ie 0-1 and 1-0 can be done…however 1-0 and 1-0 can’t be done because the left hand side adds up to 2 – those of us that still went to old fashioned schools and can remember basic arithmetic and adding all the numbers up in columns should be able to get the right answer…

FCI Grade Description FCI Criteria OLD RSA Grade
A1 Excellent hips No signs of hip dysplasia 0
A2 Good hips 0
B1 Fair hips Near normal hip joints 0
B2 Marginal dysplasia 0
C1 Mild dysplasia Mild hip dysplasia 1
C2 Mild to moderate dysplasia 1
D1 Moderate dysplasia Moderate hip dysplasia 2
D2 Moderate to severe dysplasia 2
E1 Severe dysplasia Severe hip dysplasia 3
E2 Very severe dysplasia 4


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