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New Information about Dog Poisoning


Dog poisoning is a very real fact and most difficult to avoid!!  As long as somebody can throw a poisoned piece of whatever over your wall he is most often the winner – he doesn’t even have to stick around because you better believe the dogs will find it – there are those who claim to have taught their dogs to not eat those types of snacks – I am sure it  possible but they are in the minority – and I do hope that the training really pays off if and when your property is targeted.  This article is quite helpful to have in case of something like that happening to you.

I used to have a Coffee Shop and Deli called Die Melkkan in (the bustling metropolis of) Springs.  Next door was the best vet ever, Dr Leon Loots.  I was always in and out of there and I think that had I not had his help and generous advice in my early years of breeding rotties, I would have given up long ago.

Be that as it may, dog poisoning happened frequently – if I happened to see families running around his parking lot in their pyjamas then I knew – POISON!  I was so often witness to this heinous crime and the suffering it causes the dog as well as the owners – terrible!

Having said that – I must stress one thing – should you suspect that you dog may have been poisoned, please do not allow your skin to come into contact with the saliva or vomit of the affected dog – it is possible for the poison to be absorbed through your skin – a family once ended up in ICU after they were poisoned in this way – so please be very, very careful!  This article mentions that you should wear gloves, but it doesn’t state exactly why that is necessary!



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