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Pimping My Ride

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What fun we had signing my Caddy!!  The idea started when I decided that animated characters all over my vehicle was the way to go…

A chance meeting in a coffee shop in Barry Hertzog Drive…

Handsome man (Called Moxy Hart): I am an artist by profession

Me – (Always looking for something interesting): So do you think you could draw animated figures of Rottweilers?

Handsome man: I can do one better than that!!  I will make figurines out of plastecine and then I will photograph them and then you can use those images to put all over your vehicle!

Me (Dumbstruck because I had heard of this man’s reputation as a phenominal artist): WOW!  Well I happen to have a couple of ideas…do you think you could…??

Enter Barries Barnard (081 575 4477…ww.roxsanbar.co.za) in Springs to do the final layout and printing and VOILA!

I have to admit that the kids on the highways are a source of great fun.  You can see the parent driving on the right and overtaking you with all the kids looking at the pictures on that side…then I inevitable change lanes and then the parent, instructed by the kids overtakes on the other side – much waving and wonder from kids, and sometimes kisses are blown – parents often just wave and laugh, or just try to ignore the fact that this has happened to them!

Traffic jams almost always inspire a phone call from somebody with a vague interest in a Rottweiler…

And more than once, a note under my windscreen in a shopping centre parking lot – PLEASE CALL ME – I HAVE TO HAVE A ROTTWEILER!

Admittedly one often sees some (usually a) guy, shaking his head in disbelief that a vehicle could be so blatantly branded, and explaining to his friend that this is just not what one does to a vehicle…Then I have to chuckle and wave – You see, the point is you noticed me – whether you wanted a Rottweiler or not!

Sadly though, the handsome man, Mr Moxy Hart, who become a much loved Friend, passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack at far too young an age – RIP my Friend and I tell everybody that wants to listen the story of how we met and how wonderful it was to work with you and how magical the unveiling of each figurine was – they are like friends to me and I shall treasure them always!

Rest in Peace Dearest Moxy Hart...xxx
Rest in Peace Dearest Moxy Hart…xxx


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