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So what about all these vaccinations anyway?


At De Liemers we vaccinate our puppies at four weeks, seven weeks and ten weeks – the third vaccination is very important to us and is the main reason we like our puppies to stay until they are ten weeks old.  At 13 weeks they can have their rabies vaccination and another booster – I see the new fashion is for 2 rabies vaccinations – mmmm – ok – if you must and if it makes you feel better…but after that – stop!!  Enough is enough already.

Vaccinations do not guarantee that puppies, especially Rottweilers will not get Parvo or Catflu or the various versions thereof by the way – a lot of people get that part wrong.

The surest way of ensuring that your puppy does not get Parvo is to STAY OUT OF THE VET’S OFFICE!! Let the vet come out to your car and vaccinate your puppy in the car where he or she will not be exposed to the virus flying around the vet’s office – regardless of how clean and shiny it might look to the naked eye – viruses fly around vet’s offices and hospitals and if you want to get really sick, hang around there!


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