jockpic001Jock dogfood available from us – If and when you decide to feed Jock Junior to your puppy, you are welcome to get a bag from us – we try to ensure that we have stock available.  (ROYAL CANIN is the best commercial dogfood for your baby puppy, no question and I will always recommend feeding ROYAL CANIN for at least the first couple of months – but hey, this is the real world after all and costs have to be considered too – I have seen  many puppies grow up beautifully on Jock Junior and certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it!)

Jock Multistages is for your older, adult resident dogs – recommended for dogs older than 15 months.  The new kid on the block is called Jock Value and will be taking over from the tried and trusted Lekalik – Jock Value is a cheaper option, but still a better dogfood than what you will find in the supermarket.  If you compare prices nicely, supermarket food works out the most expensive every time and the quality is not usually that great.

If you would like me to drop a couple of bags of dogfood occasionally if you live in Jhb or Pretoria I am very happy to do that – I don’t claim to have any quick delivery or anything – call me when you open your last bag and order at least 6 bags and I will make a plan to drop it at security or throw them over your wall or whatever when I find myself in your general vicinity.  If you would like to collect at the factory you are most welcome and if you order enough we can even arrange an agent price for you – but then the order should be in the region of around 500kg.  Q – uite a few people have built up quite a nice little sideline business selling dogfood – especially Mommies that have to go to the school to pick up kids twice a day – they make sure they have a bag of dogfood in the car always – park next to the recipient and transfer quick (leave the 40kg bags and save your back!) – everybody happy!  Dogfood is bulky and heavy and who needs to add that extra hassle to the grocery shopping chore!

What does it cost?

Jock Junior 20kg R380

Jock Multistages 20kg R340

Jock Value 25kg R300

If you would like a complete price list with Agent Prices and Recommended retail prices, please feel free to give me a call and I will be very happy to help.