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De Liemers Rottweilers



Well we did think that our previous website was actually quite “nice” – But we have subsequently discovered that “Nice” is the word one could use to describe a cup of (not fabulous in any way) tea, you know, just the ordinary kind that most people these days think is acceptable to serve – in a mug even (Oh Horror), with a squeezed out tea bag, and nowhere to put the (ghastly, oversized, stainless steel) teaspoon.

I hope that you will find that our new website is more like a High Tea Party in comparison.  Beautiful Porcelain Teapot with Cups and Saucers to match;  Real Tea, you know, the loose kind that one pours through a delicate antique silver strainer like the one I found at an antique market; Silver Teaspoons; Delicate Sandwiches with very thinly sliced cucumber;  Rich Shortbread made with Homemade Butter; Miniature Scones with Strawberry Jam and Fresh Cream; Salmon and Cream Cheese in Voul a Vents- Oh, don’t let me go on – this is supposed to be a Rottweiler Website – But you get the gist of it don’t you – I am sure you do!

Blogging is all the rage these days – and I have considered giving it a bash myself, and perhaps I still will, outside the confines of this website, (Although people who Google High Tea might be directed to this website and be very surprised…) You will find that in fact, this website has turned into nothing more than a giant blog – Illustrated and Captioned, Photo Edited, Complete with Quotes by all sorts of so called Famous People – but nevertheless, a Blog – About Rottweilers, and Rottweiler Pupppies and Stud Dogs, OK, mostly…

I do have to tell you what the meaning of DE LIEMERS is – because people always ask and many think that it is my surname!  DE LIEMERS is the place in Holland that my Father was born – A very quaint little region, not even a town actually, in the East of Holland, very close to the German border.  My grandparents are buried there, in one of those Graveyards that has a low stone wall around it, and a little wrought iron gate at the entrance; The region has its own dialect even, speciality apples for Dutch confectionery are grown there, and the Local Windmill, the oldest Windmill in Holland – called De Buitemolen, belonged to the Gerretsen (my surname) family a couple of generations ago!

DE BUITEMOLEN ZEVENAARDE LIEMERS ROTTWEILERS originated in 1986 when I bought my first KUSA Registered Rottweiler Bitch Quanta – what a love affair that turned into and how many lessons I learnt about the ins and outs of Breeding Rottweilers.  I still have families who’s kids from those days still only buy Rottweiler Puppies from me even though they have moved to the Seychelles or Cape Town or wherever.  Of course nobody had a website in those days, not even a “nice” one, so word of mouth is how the puppies found their way to their new homes.  One guy has never met me, or rather he doesn’t remember getting a puppy here because he was too little – these days he calls and says, “Hello – me again, my dog is getting old, please send me a puppy so that she can teach the puppy before she goes!”

It goes without saying that the dogs are my greatest joy, but they wouldn’t be able to be here if we didn’t have people to take the puppies – of course, like any relationship, the two go hand in hand.  The people I have met through the years, the stories I could tell – and I might just do that one day, but not here, and not today.  Airline Pilots; Casino Owners; Rugby Players, quite a couple; South African Singers;  Single Mothers and Grannies and Grandpas; Voice Artists, including that famous voice that introduced the movies on DSTV; English Professors who made me fall in love with Les Miserables all over again; Farmers of Vegetables, Game, Dairy and Flowers; Owners of Private Schools; Bank Managers; Dance teachers; One or Two very nice guys that I am quite sure were actually gangsters; Parents of Kids that will run in the Beijing Olympics; Rottweiler Club Members who could have bought a puppy from anybody but chose us; Owners of Construction Companies that bought a puppy for an employee who lost their dog tragically; Doctors from Cape Town that I have never met but who trusted me to send their puppy; French Men from Bordeaux who say their dog will go on holiday with them to France; Owners of luxury resorts in Zimbabwe; The list goes on and on, but the point is that all of these people have one thing in common – they have to have a Rottweiler in their lives, and it just happens to be a DE LIEMERS ROTTWEILER.,

I hope that you will enjoy our website/blog, and that you will find some interesting information and hopefully some answers to your questions.   (Everything about serving High Tea can be found on the web by the way…If you are inspired to give it a bash, please invite me, because I would love to come!)

Please feel free to direct any questions or comments to my email [email protected] or feel free to call me on 083 268 4917.



I am very lucky to have these wonderful people in my life – the nature of our life here requires us all to work very closely together – Dogs need attention 24 hours a day – Everything for them has to be done precisely and with care and attention.  If you don’t love dogs well then you can’t work here!

Here is another famous quotation:

 “If you do it like I want it, exactly like I want it – Then we are going to get on famously!” – Bernardina Gerretsen