bunny 006-400Bunny – Deliemers Koko

Date of Birth: 1 December 2009

Deliemers Koko Registration Papers

Deliemers Koko HD and ED Certificate

Deliemers Koko Breed Assessment Certificate

Deliemers Koko Breed Assessment Report

Deliemers Koko MRL Championship Show 2012 Critique

Introducing De Liemers Koko – her pet name is Bunny – given to her by my gorgeous friend Boo. Bunny is a delightful and friendly girl – her Mom is Roxy and her Dad is Bond. She has perfect Hip and Elbow Scores and was also one of only two bitches presented for the Breed Assessment after the Meridian Rottweiler League Championship Show of 2012 – her qualifiying report is attached and we are very proud of her!

I have always said that dogs are more like their grand parents than their parents – Bunny is living proof of this theory – Khetwa was her Grandmother and Bunny inherited her sense of humour and most certainly her naughty streak!  Even as an adult Bunny is still naughty – and I am quite sure that will never change!

Bunny went to live in a pet home in August 2016 where she is living the high life and sleeping on the couches and generally just being a typical Rottweiler!  Her daughter with Orka is Quincy, who has her own page on this website.