khatya 028-400Khatya – Jestenberg Arabella of De Liemers

Date of Birth: 25 March 2010

Jestenberg Arabella of De Liemers HD ED Certificate

Jestenberg Arabella of De Liemers Registration Certificate

Jestenberg Arabella of De Liemers MRL 2011 Show Critique

Jestenberg Arabella of De Liemers MRL 2012 Show Critique

Working Dog Profile

BLACKBERRY BACKUP PHOTOS 235Ok so I have a confession – confessions are not always pretty, but the idea I think is that after the event, everybody knows where they stand…

I would like to confess to you all here today that KHATYA IS MY FAVOURITE, FAVOURITE, FAVOURITE girl!  There you have it – I have admitted it on the internet!

Why is Khatya my favourite?  I am not really sure exactly what to say about that…but I think that it is a reciprocal thing because I know for a fact that I am her  most favourite thing, person and entity on this planet!  There is nothing that Khatya loves more than she loves me – she loves me more than she loves her food and she even loves me more than she loves her puppies!!  I know this because even when her puppies are tiny, tiny little tots, she still gets out of the puppy box and comes to look for me – nobody else does that – EVER!

Khatya is Adelaide’s litter sister and they both have something about them that makes them irresistible and immune to the normal rules that one has to have if one insists on having a (what is the right word – I want to say gaggle but that is for geese – and I don’t like the work pack)  LOT of Rottweilers!

Khatya is Dexter’s daughter with Jessica (she lives in Benoni and belongs to Beverley Mcleoud – we have tried to steal her several times but were unsuccessful).   Khatya is the gentlest and most considerate of girls – and her puppies have been each one a beauty – they stand out in a crowd and most of them have her intense expression and gaze adoringly at their human!!

Khatya is also adept at talking – in fact I have decided that the sounds that she makes are similar to those one would expect to hear from a seal – they pull at your heartstrings and make you love her even more!

Sabie and Capris are Khatya’s puppies with Orka and King respectively – each one of them have inherited their mother’s best qualities and those are all exactly what one is looking for in a Rottweiler!