khetwa001Khetwa – Craffenheim Evita of De Liemers

In Memorium

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”



Date of Birth: 11 July 2003
HD0:0 ED1:1

Craffenheim Evita of De Liemers Registration Papers

Craffenheim Evita of De Liemers HD Certificate

Craffenheim Evita of De Liemers ED Certificate

Working Dog Profile

FB_IMG_1467613381729And so this is Khetwa – her name means “The one who was chosen” – and please believe me that I would choose her again any day!!  Her father was the famous Ambrose, also known as Dokai, and that is probably where her size comes from – but her heart is just as big!  We all have to start somewhere, and Khetwa proved to be a great place to start!  Her daughters with Dexter,  Roxy and Khwezi are here with me too – you can see them on their own pages.

Khetwa was sired by Chanteur Dokai – her mother is Sunnyday Prinseshaneshka of Craffenheim. She is a very big dog with a larger than life personality – I know one is not supposed to have favourites, but sometimes these things cannot be helped!! At the moment I have two of her daughters with Dexter with me – they are Khwezi and Roxy.

Khetwa passed away quietly at the age of 11 and a half, having lived an extravagant life – I have mentioned before that she was impossible to ignore, believed that she was human and entitled to all of my attention.  She had a sense of humour and could give you a look of disgust or laugh at you if you did something she thought was cute!  A clown in every way and I loved every minute of her long life with me!

“Grief is the ultimate unrequited love.  However hard and long we love someone who has died, they can never love us back.  At least that is how it feels…”

Rosamund Lupton