khweziKhwezi – De Liemers Amanthombazana

In Memorium

Date of Birth: 29 September 2006
HD A2:A2 ED 1:1

De Liemers Amanthombazana Registration Papers

De Liemers Amanthombazana HD and ED Certificate

Khwezi was my pet name for this daughter of Khetwa and Dexter from my very first litter with that particular couple – Khwezi is the Zulu word for Morning Star – but in Khwezi’s case, she was a star all the time!  If there is a word that I could use to describe Khwezi, then I think that the word I would choose would be WISE…Somehow Khwezi knew stuff that other being didn’t know…

Her sisters were Roxy and Khethelo and they were the loves of my life for that period of my life while they were growing up and I was waiting for them to mature.  They never let me down – each one did their bit and made me proud to carry on breeding Rotties when it wasn’t always that easy!

Khwezi lived out the last years of her life on Andrew Burger’s couch in the Lydenberg and passed away quietly at the beginning of 2016.  Thank you my girl for all that you meant to me and for all that I learnt from you!