rottweiler_kylieKylie – Edelheim Denla of De Liemers

In Memorium

Date of Birth: 29 September 2006
HD A2:A2 ED 0:0

Edelheim Denla of De Liemers Registration Papers

Edelheim Denla of De Liemers HD and ED Certificate

Working Dog Profile

Kylie lives a royal life with my folks – also on the family farm.  She definitely falls into the class of “Real Rottweiler” – arrive unannounced at my parents’ house and then dare to tell me otherwise!  I love that she is so protective over them and at the same time is the most affectionate and loving dog that anybody could wish for!

She was sired by Disco and has had a very successful litter with Dexter.  Some of those puppies went on to become foundation bitches at other SA kennels who have done very well so far!

Kylie and Bond’s litter – the R litter – was born in November 2010 – two of these girls have stayed with me, De Liemers Rafa and De Liemers Rahims – you will see them on their own pages when they have have grown up a bit!!

Kylie had a gorgeous litter with Tyson on 15 November 2011 – our U litter – Our girl Alli is one of them, and we feel very lucky to have her, a home bred girl!

Kylie passes away in 2015 and is sorely missed, most especially by my parents, who often chuckle when somebody arrives and refuses to get out of the car until that viscious dog has been put away!