De Liemers Lachelle HD and ED Certificate

De LIemers Lachelle Registration Certificate

Working Dog Profile

What a priveledge it is to be able to look at this girl’s pedigree and to see that she had a couple of generation of De Liemers Rottweilers in her pedigree!  And when I see the pictures of the puppies that she had had with King, well then I am even more proud of her!

Her father is Orka Vom Vilstaler Land and her mother is Jestenburg Adelaide, a Dexter daughter.  Quest is an active girl – always tearing up the place with her partner in crime Quincy – where you see one, you see the other, and usually the result of some mischief that they have been up to together – very proud of themselves they are too!

Quest is the litter sister to Oscar (DE LIEMERS LAIONELLA).  Some of her puppies have ended up in homes where there is always a camera handy – and we have included some of those images here for you to look at – thank you so much to our puppy customers who keep in touch and send us updates of our treasures!