quincy-profile-picQuincy – De Liemers Kalidas

De Liemers Kalidas Registration Certificate

De Liemers Kalidas HD and ED Certificate

Working Dog Profile

When your own dogs feature in the last column of the pedigree of one of your girls, then you know you have followed through with the plan and that you have faith and respect for what you have produced over the last couple of years as a breeder – as I have said so often before, if you don’t like your own dogs, then how can you expect anybody else to like them?

Quincy is a heady combination of all of my favourite favourites, starting with Khetwa and Dexter as her great grandparents – followed by Bond as her Grandfather and Orka Vom Vilstaler Land as her father.  I see all of them in her, Khetwa’s tenacity and sense of humour, Dexter’s amazing soft velvet coat, Bond’s (sometimes) stubborn streak and Orka’s adoring look at the gate.  I love her for her own self as well of course – what a pleasure she is to have around and I am looking forward to many more years with my extra special girl!

Her first litter with Quoekoe was a line breeding on Djuke Vom Vilstalter Land and although they are only a couple of months old now, one can easily see that they will all follow through on their beautiful ancestors!