“I usually plan to read a book for a half-hour before bed, but then I end up staying wake until 3 A.M. to finish it.  Fortunately, my dog doesn’t mind when I keep the bedside lamp on.” – Amanda Hocking






Perhaps that is the biggest charm of having a dog – they are always happy to do whatever you are doing – as long as they can do it with you!

The best men in my life are Black and Tan and have four legs and a tail – They never complain when I get home late, they never tell me that their mother’s cooking is better than mine, they don’t come with children from another marriage, they don’t care what I look like in the  morning and should I ask how an outfit looks, they approve whole heartedly ever time!

My Boys are listed below – some of them not with us anymore – that is how it goes with dogs – ten years flies by in the blink of an eye!FB_IMG_1445058362978

I have imported two excellent male dogs from Germany in the last couple of years – I do believe that they were two of the best dogs ever to come into the country (once again, this is my blog and my opinion – I am sure that there are those who disagree haha).  I always say to people that I really love my dogs, my own dogs – and you will find evidence of this in my pedigrees.

The rumour mill goes around and around about when I will bring in the next big name from Germany – I am  not saying that I will and I am not saying that I will not – but in any case, with social media being what it is, you will soon find out!

I have written a separate blog on how our Stud Policy works should you be looking for a (very handsome) stud dog – If you click here you will be directed to the blog.  I have always said that I take it as a compliment should you decide to use one of our boys – and so I go out of my may to make the process convenient and cost effective – and I will not leave you sitting with a litter of puppies with nowhere to go once they are old enough to leave!

Enjoy looking at my beautiful boys – I have included many photos and all the info you could possibly ever need to know – but if you have any queries or comments you are most welcome to email us on [email protected] or call on 0832684917.













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