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So what’s happening with HAUSEDERSTERNE anyway?

Yes!!  It is true that Hausedersterne and De Liemers Rottweilers are in cahoots with the selling of Hausedersterne puppies!

This is not a unique situation for us at De Liemers Rottweilers as we have sold many puppies on behalf of other kennels in the past.  These types of situations develop over time and are built on friendship and trust.  Here and there I found that it was easier for me to have other people’s puppies at my house in order to find them the best home, as opposed to referring members of the public straight to the breeder.

It sort of started out with my assisting breeders that had used my males as stud in the selling of their litters – here and there one or two breeders went away on holiday and asked me to look after their puppies for them while they were gone – and when they came back I had sold them all – and so on.  Von Bronx kennels habitually bring their puppies to me as standard operating procedure as well.

People who have used any of the show dogs that offer themselves up as stud dogs also mostly find that once they have paid (usually too much) their stud fee, that the owner of the stud dog suddenly goes very quiet and does not have a single customer for his puppies – once they have their money, well, then they are too busy to answer your phone call – and when they do they usually just tell you about the big prize that their dog won in the show ring on the weekend when he beat those other three dogs…(A bit of tongue in cheek stuff always keeps the pot boiling doesn’t it haha!)

The Boss of Hausedersterne and me at the Ball - nogal!! xxx
The Boss of Hausedersterne and me at the Ball – nogal!! xxx

Hausedersterne are a successful and very big kennel situated just outside Richmond in the KZN Midlands – a stunning farm with the most beautiful view and acres and acres of kikuyu lawns and a superb facility for handling and housing their beautiful dogs.  In this day and age of instant gratification, the charm ends right there for the customer looking for a puppy – seven and a half hours’ drive, one way, from Johannesburg or Pretoria to collect a puppy is sometimes too much of a push – and so it happened that the Hausedersterne puppies, or some of them anyway, come to me – some are only collected here and the rest are available to our own customers – we present everybody under the same banner and are very proud to be associated and entrusted with these little treasures!  For more info on the kennel, click on www.hausedersterne.com.

We may or may not have made a (pretty risqué) video illustrating our alliance which we posted on our Facebook pages – those with an open mind and a sense of humour are most welcome to check it out there!


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  1. The boss of hausedersterne
    December 6, 2017

    LOVE this….don’t know why it took me so long to see it…sharing the shit out of it now

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