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Photoshoots are fun!! About Karen Schouwink…

It was while I was putting our new website together that I needed new and different photos – a new website with no new photos wouldn’t be very exciting I didn’t think!  I went through some old puppy customers and many sent lovely pics and went to a lot of trouble to help!  Then I remembered Karen and Herman Schouwink – I recalled that Karen always had a camera in her hand and that she had sent some great pics a couple of years ago which also featured on our old website.  I asked her to send some photos which she did – immediately!  I knew I had hit the jackpot when she said that she was now doing photo shoots professionally as well!!  As you can see, we made an appointment immediately and lots of the new photos on this website are as a result of that shoot – you have to agree that there are some brilliant shots – I am loving them!

Karen has her own website too – you can find her on www.karenschouwink.co.za if you want to check out her other shoots.


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  1. Karen Schouwink
    October 11, 2016

    Thank you Bernardien for the compliment! I had so much fun with the photo shoot
    Our beautiful Lola is turning 6 in November and what a show girl! She has such a personality and attitude…we can recommend De Liemers for sure!

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