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Spaying and Neutering your Rottweiler

FB_IMG_1441184804937The discussion always turns to this subject – for some it is a given that all their pets must be spayed and neutered – obviously for those of us who breed it is not a consideration until such time as a dog becomes unable to breed anymore, for whatever reason.

The question of neutering and spaying can be answered differently in every individual case.  My opinion (this is my blog afterall) is that all bitches that are not going to be bred should be spayed before they have their first heat.  In most cases where there is a scrap or a fight, it is triggered by a bitch coming into season.  Get it over with and get on with your life without having to worry about unwanted litters as a result of somebody leaving the gate open (5 minutes and you are in big trouble!) – neighbourhood dogs hurting themselves while attempting to break into your yard etc etc – this is a driving life force and nothing, besides spaying the girls, will stop it!

As far as the neutering of males dogs is concerned – eish!

DO NOT TELL ROTTWEILER RESCUE THAT I SAID THIS, but for me a male does not HAVE to be “fixed”. If the resident females are spayed and the male is confined and securely locked up he is not going to cause any trouble.   Opinions vary of course, and so do individual males and their behaviour.

There are those who report that neutered males do not mark their territory quite like intact males.   Some people have managed to teach their males from a very young age that this behavious will not be tolerated, but they are certainly in the minority.  Most males neutered early enough are reportedly not prone to marking their territory.

It is my opinion that a well socialised and trained male does not need to be neutered – if your male becomes too dominant (your fault because you allowed him to take over by spoiling him and treating him like a Golden Retriever), then by all means neuter him.  I have seen cases where the male didn’t grow to his full potential as a result of neutering, but I have also seen cases where the male looks masculine and besides the absence of testes, looks the part perfectly.

Should you be in any doubt about any male that you may have bought from De Liemers Rottweilers, please feel free to give me a call and we can discuss the whole situation to make sure that the correct decision is made.  I will hopefully also be able to recommend a decent vet to help you with the procedure.

All males and females that we may recommend to you through Friends of the  Rottweiler Rescue and Rehoming will be spayed and neutered without exception.




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